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Andres Gurwicz is a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on painting, sound, video and installations.

A central theme of Andres’s body of work is the encounter between physical materials and digital environments. He paints in various techniques, including brush pens on paper, oil on canvas, spray paint on different surfaces, and more. He then converts the paintings into digital files and handles them in multiple ways: editing , animating, projecting, mapping and/or printing. Music is another color on his palette; Andres integrates his graphic work with original music as well as pre existing materials and cooperation with other musicians. The sounds bring together the acoustic and the digital, mixing cultures, forming emotions, sparking movement. The form of presentation changes from one project to another: site-specific installations, gallery and online exhibitions, urban interventions, and parties.  

Andres explores encounters between strangers, cultures, spaces, bodies, mediums and states of mind. A good example are the “Latina Palestina” parties where Latin and Arab culture mix, with Andres as the producer, designer and DJ. Another example is his exhibition, “Interiors”, where he portrays two types of spaces: the physical interior of the rooms and the emotional state of both characters and viewers.

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